Pre PLC Informaiton

PLC At-A-Glance

We are happy to share with you our PLC Website dedicated solely to this gathering. A quick look at this website gives you a great overview of our time together, planned sessions, and more! 

Note that this website will present the most updated schedule at all times (updates during conference days will appear only here so make sure to open this on your phone). 


Attire & Packing List

Please dress business professional for the opening ceremony on Tuesday October 29th. Business casual is the name of the game for the remaining of PLC. Please come comfortable and ready to learn and share.

Also, please note that the hotel has a small but nice Fitness Room and a small indoor pool so make sure to bring sportswear and a swimsuit if you would like to use these facilities during your free time.

Travel Details

By now, you each should have received a detailed email from Sadie outlining and confirming all of your travel logistics including your accommodation details. If you did not get this email or have any questions, please reach out to Sadie immediately. For information about how you can get to Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue Hotel, please visit our PLC website Transportation Page


For those flying on flights arranged by IDTF, if you experience any travel-related issues, please reach out to Mai Attias directly by phone at +972 54-678-0202.


For all other travelers, if you experience any travel-related issues, please reach out to Sadie to let us know and so we can assist you if possible. 


The phone numbers of IDTF Staff can be found below. Please feel free to reach out to any one of us directly if needed.  


  • Leah: (+1) 973-809-1307

  • Sadie:  (+1) 612-730-0898

  • Liat: (+972) 50-4232344 (IL Cell)

  • Hadas: (+972) 52-3592503 (IL Cell)

  • Rivka: (+972) 52-7356460 (IL Cell)

  • Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue Hotel: (+1) 215-879-4000


Upon Arrival

Upon arrival to the hotel, please first come to the Diller Registration Table (located at the lobby) to register for the conference and collect your name tag. Afterwards, you are welcome to leave your luggage at the Hotel's Front Desk and to check in with Sadie if your room is available (although your rooms most likely will not be ready until later in the day).  In the meantime, we encourage you to enjoy the hotel amenities and our buffet light lunch - that will be served from 12pm to 2pm in the Versailles room.   


First Session

Our first official PLC Session will be Partnership Meeting 1 (see suggested content)that will begin promptly at 2pm. Please come ready to introduce, reconnect, learn, and share in your Partnership! 

Please meet your mentor at 2pm in the room listed below:

Amanda Cluster 1: Gladwyne

Inbal Cluster 2: Haverford

Maya Cluster 3: Maryon

Sarah Cluster 4: Versailles 


Additional Exciting Opportunities

As you will see in the program schedule, there are two opportunities to explore the different exhibits at the National Museum of American Jewish History, if you wish to include the new special exhibition see here: Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. To best plan your time, take a look at the Museum's Visitors Guide

Also, we are excited to offer a guided tour of "The City of Brotherly Love" for PLC guests, on the last day of PLC as the conference ends. Join us in visiting some of Philadelphia's most historic and famous sites! The tour will begin at 1PM from the Hilton Hotel and conclude at 4PM at the hotel. If you haven't done so please let Sadie know if you will be joining us here.


PLC Guests 

You can find the Bio Booklet here, where you can get to know PLC participants. This list of incredible people is the biggest resures Diller is providing. Make sure to take advantage of the years of knowledge and experience we were lucky to bring together. Creating opportunities for Peer Learning is your personal task for these days! 



PLC will officially end on Thursday October 31 at 12:30pm. 

As stated above there will be a complimentary tour of Philadelphia from 1-4pm. There will also be complimentary transportation to the airport 

DTF buses will leave at 1:15pm and 4:30pm. 

If your travel details request different timing please make sure to make your individual arrangements. 


Pre-PLC Assignment

As background information for some of our presentations and guest speakers, we wanted to provide you with links to a few research reports. Feel free to peruse the below links prior to your arrival.